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another time-lapse video: Soundproof ceiling in 2 min.

Drop ceilings without demo This video, made by a guy in Greece, shows another interesting approach to the drop ceiling that doesn't seem to involve demolishing the original ceiling. The materials he's using might be slightly different than what you can buy in the USA, but the principle is the same: creating a flexible suspension that keeps the ceiling from being attached directly to the wood joists. The more traditional RC-channel ceiling is detailed here in this PDF from Acoustic Sciences Corporation , which involves attaching metal, flexible RC channels on top of -- and perpendicular to --the wood ceiling joists. It involves: Removing the existing ceiling material in order to access the area Adding sound-dampening materials Attaching the channels across the joists Adding drywall to the channels.  This PDF is a good resource for how to properly attach RC channels, but I notice that in its supply list, it doesn't include some of the newer, superior materi

How to build a soundproof vocal booth - Time Lapse

This is clever: someone took a series of photos to make a time-lapse video that shows, step by step, how he made a vocal recording booth. Notice some of the materials that we've covered in this blog: double drywall with green glue, mass-loaded vinyl, insulation between the studs. I wonder what the results were...?