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Soundproofist podcast episode: an interview with Dr. Antonella Radicchi (Hush City app)

Participate in citizen science: learn how to map the quiet spaces where you live Dr. Antonella Radicchi is an architect, a researcher, and a soundscape urbanist. As part of her work, she developed an app called "Hush City." You can get it from the App Store (for iOS) or from Google Play (for Android). When you're at a quiet place -- a street, a park, a beach, a path -- you can take note of it with the Hush City app. Make a recording, take a photo, and upload it to the Hush City map , and include your notes about your experience so you can share it with others. By mapping the quiet areas, you can also help urban planners to be aware of -- and protect -- these spaces. Listen to the conversation with Antonella Radicchi here.