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Decibel readers and iPhone apps

If you're having noise problems in your home or business, you can measure the decibel level with inexpensive apps on your iPhone or buy a decibel-reading device. I downloaded a free app from the App Store called "Decibels" and purchased an inexpensive one - with more features -- called "SPL Meter," but there's many to choose from (just search for "spl meter"). Basically these apps help you measure the decibel volume in your home when it's quiet, and again in different noise situations -- your neighbor's TV or stereo, the sound of cars and trucks outside your windows, the sound of barking dogs, crying babies, etc. [update, Dec 2013: see this review of 30 decibel-reader apps.] All rooms have a decibel level, even when you think you're sitting in silence. So let's say the dB level in your home is 40 when it's quiet, but increases to 60 when your adjacent neighbors watch TV on their home theatre system. What does this mean w

Quietfloor PLUS - Floor Soundproofing (UK only)

I found a new video for a product that seems to only be available in the UK thus far. It's called "QuietFloor Plus," and it combines a layer of foam with a layer of mass-loaded vinyl on either side -- like a sandwich. I can imagine it would indeed by effective under a carpet, if you can get your neighbor to agree to use carpets in the first place. I'd love to hear real-world results about this underlayment. Here's the webpage , for all you UK readers.

Video from Certain Teed (the insulation company) - installing clips

I always get excited when I see new YouTube videos about installation practices. If you're interested in going the route of wall clips, here's a new video about using Green Glue clips before installing new drywall. (They recommend, of course, adding a second layer of drywall with Green Glue afterwards). You'll forfeit an additional 1.5 inches of room depth on each side if you use this method. It would be helpful if they supplied before and after specs for room acoustics!