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Roxul in ceilings with recessed lights

This is yet another video extolling the virtues of using Roxul "Safe and Sound" insulation.  Because Rockwool is fire-resistant, you can insulate with it up to the cans that support the recessed lighting without fear of overheating the lights (and burning out the bulbs) or igniting a spark. However, any time you open a hole in your ceiling, you invite the opportunity to transmit noise between floors. Remember: if you're going to spend money on drywall, get something like QuietRock or Supress that dampens noise. This is your one chance to get it right – don't cut corners on the materials and regret it later!

Insulating walls with Roxul

What is Rockwool?  Roxul Stone Wool is an insulation product that comes in the form of batts. It's composed of mineral fibers and it's considered to be green, fire-retardant, and very good for sound control. Like cellulose fiber, it insulates airborne noise better than fiberglass. In the USA, you can buy Roxul at Lowes and some Home Depot locations. In Canada, you can buy Roxul in Saskatchewan at  Rona Corporation  in Prince Albert or at  Econo Lumber . Roxul comes in packages of pre-cut sizes that fit the dimensions of your wall cavities (for example, use  these 15 1/4-inch batts  for wall studs that are 16 inches apart). Be sure to select the right size for the job – not just the width, but the depth as well (wall versus ceiling or attic). Rockwool is great in walls This video from Roxul demonstrates how to install Roxul in a wall. As you can see, it cuts easily with a bread knife and can be custom fit around electrical lines, plumbing, and wall outlets. It holds