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Noisy restaurants

Have you ever gone out to eat and found yourself shouting to be heard? Did you ever have your "night out for dinner" ruined because it was so noisy you couldn't hear everyone at your table? A lot of these problems could be solved if restaurant owners would add sound panels to their ceilings. It's not that expensive and it's not that hard. But most of them don't do it. Maybe some restaurant owners think it seems more "lively" if it's deafeningly loud. And maybe others want to turn the tables over faster – because their customers often say "let's get out of here and go someplace where we can hear each other." But I've seen many people pass on a restaurant that's unbearably loud. Noise is actually bad for business. Let's take a look at one restauranteur who did "the right thing." Thanks to Acoustical Solutions for posting it!

Notes on Noise (repost)

Notes on Noise: THIS PAGE IS FROM MY PREVIOUS BLOG (it was originally published in a different blog in 2009-2009): I live in a fairly dense urban area. So it's more common than not to have shared walls, ceilings, and floors with your neighbors. But most of the old construction in my city is made from wood: wood framing, hardwood floors, and hollow walls--and everything is nailed on top of the joists or directly onto the studs. The result? All your neighbor has to do is walk back and forth, talk, or open and close doors and drawers, and it ricochets through the building into your apartment. So, I've spent a lot of time trying to find affordable ways to alleviate the noise. This is easier to do if you have a lot of money, or if your neighbors are amenable...and I had little money and my neighbors were not. I'm going to share some resources and some things I've learned about the products on the market today (2009) that can help alleviate some of these noise problems. If yo

New blog location

A lot of people I know have questions about how they can simply and affordably add some soundproofing to their apartments and homes, whether they're renters or owners. Because I live in an urban environment, and I've learned a lot through trial and error myself, I started blogging about it. But I realize that not everyone who reads my blog wants to read about soundproofing and noise issues every day, so I'm moving my soundproofing posts to this new blog. Feel free to share your stories and questions here about how, where, and why to soundproof or buy materials for soundproofing any part of your living quarters.