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Soundproofing Cheap Tricks from Matt Risinger

I've just found some recent do-it-yourself videos online. So if you have 9 minutes to spare, don't miss this one from Matt Risinger . It covers a lot of the points I've made in this blog (double drywall with QuietRock, Green Glue inbetween the layers) and shows how to use putty pads around the openings and outlets in your walls. The outlets are a source of sound leaks and they can make your soundproofing efforts fail. Watch the video to see the proper application. A lot of these products are becoming available in the "big box stores" like Lowe's , so getting these essential materials is as easy as buying a box of nails. Note from 2018: When I first wrote this post in 2013, Matt Risinger had a wonderful blog, The Green Building Blog , which now redirects to his website . He now has a successful YouTube channel with over 200,000 followers. You can also follow Matt on Twitter . Thanks for all the great DIY advice!