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Installing a soundproof ceiling (video)

Installing a soundproof ceiling  This video from Rockwool North America demonstrates some principles of soundproofing a room from upstairs noise. They're using Rockwool (Roxul) Safe 'N Sound batts -- a dense, fire-retardant product that insulates for sound much better than fiberglass, and is flame-resistant. I'll add two more suggestions here. 1) Before you add the batts, affix a layer of drywall with Green Glue (and a few screws) to the backside of the upstairs subfloor. This should add some mass and dampening to the footfalls from above. This means cutting a length of drywall to fit against the flooring, between each ceiling joist. 2) Use a dual-layer soundproof drywall, not just any drywall, for the ceiling itself. A single layer of drywall -- even though it's hung on the resilience channels -- will still not be as effective without further mass or dampening. Look into QuietRock  drywall. You can buy Rockwool (Roxul) insulation from Amazon , Lowe's,